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Join master saddler Jochen Schleese, of Schleese Saddlery and Saddlefit 4 Life®, as he works to solve fit issues and help horses all over North America. Each week, Jochen will share his experiences dealing with horses at all levels, with all sorts of saddle fit and behavioural issues caused by poor saddle fit.

You will also meet several knowledgeable independent fitters, who travel all over the world on a quest to ‘protect as many horses and riders worldwide from long term back damage,’ some key industry professionals, including Jane Savoie, Dr. Gerd Heuschmann, Dr. Joanna Robson and Dr. James Warson, as well as Schleese clients, who all have a tale to tell. The stories will make you laugh, maybe cry, but always think.

Saddle Fit and Equestrian Aid

We drove down to Florida about a week ago, and had snowstorms pretty much to the bottom of Tennessee. Then we decided to continue on through Atlanta and spend the night after about 17 hours of driving – with everyone read more

Saddles for Little People

I have taken over the first blog of the year as Jochen is finally off for a week between trips and I have a story to tell that is a little bit different than what you have come to expect read more

What to Watch for When Buying a Saddle

This being the Christmas season with presumably at least some riders hoping for a saddle under the tree I thought it would be worth repeating some key points I have previously touched on. In essence you may use the “9 read more

Thankful for our Horses

I’d like to share with you what I recently wrote for one of the US publications I submit to, because I feel it warrants repeating. In this season of being thankful (the recent US Thanksgiving holiday, and our upcoming Christmas read more

Musings of an Olympic Dressage Judge

This past week Schleese Saddlery along with Saddlefit 4 Life had the pleasure and honor of hosting well-known Olympic 5* Dressage Judge, US team member and former US dressage coach Anne Gribbons at our facility in Holland Landing. Anne is read more

The Ultimate Fix?

I realize we live in a world of instant gratification, feelings of entitlement, fast fixes, and throwing out of consumables rather than making the necessary adjustments/repairs to make things work. I get it – it’s simply a sign of the read more

When the Saddle Doesn’t Fit

In my book Suffering in Silence – the Saddle Fit Link to Physical and Psychological Trauma in Horses, Dr. Carol Vischer DVM (certified in acupuncture and spinal manipulation) contributed an article The Horse’s Skin is a Good Indicator of Pain. Dr. read more

The Cost of Care

Let’s face it. Riding is a very expensive pastime. Although there are some beautiful horses being practically given away for maybe a couple hundred dollars of adoption fees, the day-to-day and occasional costs can add up substantially. Although some of read more

Saddle Fit and the Various Disciplines

The question was put to me recently whether or not it was “harmful” or “wrong” to jump in your dressage saddle or do dressage in your jumping saddle. Theoretically at least – presuming that these are not necessarily regular activities read more

Apprenticeships in the Equestrian Industry

It’s that time of year again when school has begun for students of all ages. From the moment students enter high school, emphasis is placed on achieving high grades to prepare for post-secondary education. The reality is only 18 per read more

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