School…Six Letters That Might as Well Spell…The End

I grew up in the city but I was one of the fortunate. My family owned a farm an hour north of Toronto and my sisters and I spent every waking moment of our weekends and summer holidays doing our own things out in the “boonies.” Summer holidays were a time to sleep late, watch […]

Romeo, Romeo…

Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou? Buying a horse is one of the most exhilarating, exciting, adrenaline producing adventures horse people undertake. Nothing is quite as much fun or addictive as scrolling through endless For Sale sites looking for Mister or Misses right. But, much like searching for the perfect human partner, horse shopping can […]

Learning From Course Design Masters

It’s a rare occasion when I leave the farm, but every once in a while it’s good to stretch my legs and my brain. So attending the OEF sponsored clinic “Course Design…The Master Plan” seemed a good way to do both. The clinic was an introduction to the basics of designing and the three clinicians, […]

Welcome to the Spider-Free Zone

I’m standing in the barn aisle and it’s Easter Sunday. I’m impatient because I’m waiting for my turn to use my brand new industrial-sized shop vac. It’s my Easter present from my hubby. That, and a new pair of running shoe style muck boots. Happy Easter to me! It’s funny, but if my hubby gave […]

What Does Success Mean to You?

How does a person define success in this industry? It’s a question I’ve been struggling with thanks in part to a series of events which have unfolded over the past few weeks. Although the set of circumstances seem unrelated, I’m certain they spring from a central or common issue. Do my values as a trainer […]

Ridinghorse Retirement Savings Plan

A post caught my eye this morning while I was scrolling and trolling through my morning news feed and for better or worse I feel compelled to comment on it. I’m pretty sure that my opinion will resonate with some of you and repel others, but that’s the nature of all things and my fear […]

Equitation = Rider Mechanics

This past weekend I was happy to lend a hand to the University of Ontario & Institute of Technology and Durham College Equestrian Team for a ‘Rider Mechanics’ workshop. The Triple Crown Equestrian Team competes on the Ontario University Equestrian Association (OUEA)circuit. The team competitions are structured somewhat differently from traditional shows in that they […]

Time to Reassess Goals

“Looking where you’re going might not get you where you want to be, but looking where you want to be ensures you’ll get there.” Riders need to realize that simply looking in the direction of travel is not the same as thing as setting a path for yourself and committing every fibre of your being […]

Riding by Numbers

JANUARY…It’s go time people! Traditionally January is the month that I start crunching all kinds of numbers in an effort to prepare my clients for the reality of a rapidly approaching show season. I’ve never been a fan of math, but as the show dates and schedules start appearing the little calculator in my head […]

Dear Santa…

Dear Santa, We know how busy you are at this time of year so we’ve made a list of things that might help you decide who’s been naughty or nice here at Edenview. We hope it helps! We’ve also put carrots and cookies out for you and the reindeer, but if it isn’t too much […]