The Aliens Inside

Disruptions to the microbial population can lead to a variety of ailments. While researchers work to understand this largely uncharted territory, you can help keep your horse in good health by feeding a carefully balanced diet.

As herbivores, horses consume …

Feeding Young Horses

Q – I have a young horse I’m looking to start into work. What should I be feeding him?

A – By the time you’re starting to get your youngster into work, the majority of his growth should be behind …

Nutrition Notes – Hay

Q – How exactly does eating hay keep my horse warm in the winter?

A – Eating hay provides two ways to help your horse stay warm. The first is simply through providing calories (energy), which can be used in …

Hay 101

Hay is the staple of many horses' diets, particularly when pasture is not available due to season or housing limitations. Learn more about the choices.