Saving Mickey Blue Eyes

Aside from his name – Mickey Blue Eyes – little was known of his history, but by the looks of him, it wasn’t hard to fill in some of the blanks.

Barnie’s Story

Driving down a quiet country road near Dundalk, Ontario last summer, on her way to purchase some water troughs for her horse rescue operation, Laura McArthur spotted a horse lying down in a field. She kept driving at first, but …

The Hard Facts About Concussions

If your head or body is hit hard enough, the soft tissue of your brain, which is cushioned by spinal fluid, can crash into the hard bones of your skull and become bruised and damaged to varying degrees. Doctors generally …

Name That Bulge

Did you know horses can get hernias too? Find out what to do if you notice a bulge on your horse’s body, how to manage a hernia, and more.

Winter Water Woes

Dear Amy:

“How important is water in the winter for horses? My uncle says that horses don’t need water if they can eat snow. Is this true?”

~ Ally M., Kitchener, ON

We’ve all heard that old saying, ‘You can …

Body Condition Scoring

There are several ways to keep track of your horse's weight, but the most comprehensive and accessible method is to practice body condition scoring.