Poll Archive

Does your horse wear a fly mask?

  • Yes (71%)
  • No (29%)

5 latest comments:

  • Because my horse is on 24/7 turnout, fly masks are impractical; however, I do use one while hacking.

Is your horse insulin resistant?

  • I don't know (33%)
  • No (33%)
  • Yes (34%)

Do you ever clip your horse?

  • No (78%)
  • Several times a year (22%)
  • Only in the spring (0%)

5 latest comments:

  • a clip horse or pony just looks UGLY
  • I do a partial clip as needed, usually spring and fall

Has your horse had white line disease?

  • No (90%)
  • Yes (10%)
  • I don't know (0%)

Does your horse have a problem with thrush?

  • Never (55%)
  • Occasionally (36%)
  • Yes, it's a chronic issue. (9%)

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