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Have you ever taken in a rescue horse?

  • Yes (79%)
  • No (21%)

5 latest comments:

  • Was 16hh, now 18 hh, kind, playful, too smart, expensive and worth it!
  • It is worth the effort
  • 3 so far. All were successfully rehabilitated, we kept one and the 2 others found great families.
  • When I got Cali she was in bad shape. She was not trusting and was in bad physical shape. Now she's happy and healthy.
  • Have had an off track Standardbred for 15 years ..... I was 50 years old with no riding experience . Molly adapted to saddle very quickly
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  • We have four horses we boughté rescued becasue of their living situations. Best decisions ever!

Have you used a twitch on your horse?

  • Yes, a humane twtich (53%)
  • Yes, a chain twitch (27%)
  • No (20%)

5 latest comments:

  • I have not used it myself, but my horse was twitched for an injection at OVC.
  • absolutely - for shots, clipping, injury treatment. It is something every horse owner should know how to do.
  • I have used both twitches, and in the proper hands works very well!
  • More humane to subdue them and finish quickly.

Have you tried aromatherapy with your horse?

  • No (80%)
  • Yes (20%)

Have you ever found a tick on your horse?

  • Yes (80%)
  • No (20%)

5 latest comments:

  • Back in the 70's when my horses were in Unionville!
  • many
  • Not once in 46 years. And I have many horses.

Does your horse have equine asthma?

  • No (63%)
  • Yes (25%)
  • What is that? (12%)

5 latest comments:

  • Nope

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