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Do you ride in a snaffle bit?

  • Yes (92%)
  • No (8%)
  • I ride bitless (0%)

5 latest comments:

  • Depends on the horse. One prefers bit less. One needs a bit.
  • And different ones depending on the work we're doing - Boucher, copper roll jointed snaffle, double jointed with the Micklem bridle
  • My horse hates broken and solid snaffle bits. Likes leverage bits
  • French link loose ring

Have you tried any non-traditional touch therapies on your horse?

  • Equi-Bow (68%)
  • More than one (18%)
  • Masterson Method (6%)
  • Bowen (4%)
  • Reiki (2%)
  • Other (2%)
  • Tellington TTouch (0%)
  • Craniosacral (0%)

5 latest comments:

  • Equi Bow, Reiki, Crainiosacral, TTouch
  • equi bow, craniosacral
  • All of the above and more!
  • My go to is Masterson followed closely by Tellington-Acupressure based on TCM is a huge component here- some Equi-Bow and taping.
  • Acupressure and myofascial release
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  • Love the results!
  • Alternative therapies have had better results for my horses personally then traditional therapies.
  • I've used most of these, but find Equi-Bow to be most effective.
  • Also used a reiki, Medical Intuitive. Animal Communication.
  • All of the above, regularly.
  • Equi-Bow, Craniosacral, reiki
  • I am an Way I-Bow practitioner. I have been practicing for 3 years. The list of what Day I-Bow helps with is so long, I can't begin.
  • Experienced amazing results with both human and equi-bow
  • Equibow has helped my horse over come lameness issues through gentle manipulation of fascia. It helps the body heal itself.
  • Raindrop therapy...with aMAZING results

Do you think the U.S. should allow their wild horses to be sold for slaughter?

  • No, they should be protected (84%)
  • Yes, it will help manage the population (16%)
  • I'm not sure (0%)

5 latest comments:

  • no i do not think the u.s.should allow wild horses to be sold for slaughter,they should leave wild horses alone and let them run wild .
  • regresion de la humanidad
  • Very sad

Can you recognize stress in your horse?

  • Yes (63%)
  • I'm not sure (38%)
  • No (0%)

5 latest comments:

  • Usually I can tell when she's stressed, but can't be sure 100% of the time

Have you changed barns recently? If so, why?

  • Poor management (67%)
  • Too expensive (22%)
  • Went to a more competitive barn (11%)
  • Different coach (0%)
  • Other (0%)
  • I moved (0%)
  • Bad atmosphere/problem with other boarders (0%)

5 latest comments:

  • Needed outdoor board for semi-retired, arthritic horse. My show barn doesn't offer outdoor board.

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