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Does your horse tolerate fly spray application?

  • Yes (100%)
  • No (0%)

Do you have your own equine first aid kit?

  • Yes (88%)
  • No (12%)

5 latest comments:

  • yes

Have you ever ridden an off-the-track Standardbred?

  • Yes (93%)
  • No (7%)

5 latest comments:

  • Best foxhunting horse, ever!
  • Several in fact. Most have great manners and sensible temperaments. With patience and consistent training, they can learn to perform well.
  • I currently own two off track standies, a pacer and a trotter! I love them!
  • Look up the World Standardbred Show!
  • First horse I ever rode after ponies. She was great.
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  • Greatest breed!
  • Best horses ever...everyone should give one a chance
  • Wonderfully patient, gentle, and forgiving animals. 🙂
  • They are awesome! So willing and want to please. Their super affectionate and almost nothing phases them
  • So brave and amazing!
  • Hands down my favorite breed!!!!
  • I have few that are excelling at western dressage. They are very smart, talented and athletic.
  • Best horses ever!
  • Favourite breed! Hardworking, smart, eager to please, athletic and hardy all bunched into one great horse
  • Most honest breed by far!
  • They are the most willing, forgiving and loyal breed there is. They try their hardest to please their rider and can be used in so many disc!
  • Best horses ever!
  • I have had a off track Standardbred as my partner for 15 years and she has never disappointed me . Molly is very willing and tries her best
  • Wish I could
  • Love them!!
  • pacer

Has your horse experienced colitis?

  • No (57%)
  • What is that? (29%)
  • Yes (14%)

Does your horse have a 'Prophet's Thumbprint'?

  • Yes (53%)
  • What is that? (24%)
  • No (23%)

5 latest comments:

  • She has 2 and is a nutty chestnut mare
  • My first horse and current horse have them.

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