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Exercises for Teaching Your Horse How to Neck Rein

Trainer Jason Irwin shares exercises and tips for teaching your horse how to neck rein. Use these progressive steps to move to one-handed steering.

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By: Jason Irwin |

To introduce neck reining, start off riding your horse two-handed, with one rein in each hand. Even though the goal of neck reining is to ride with both reins in one hand, the initial training doesn’t start that way. The first exercise I would suggest begins with riding a square pattern. At the walk, you’re going to ride straight forward for about 10 metres and then make a 90-degree turn to the left, ride forward another 10 metres, followed by another 90-degree turn to the left, and just keep repeating this. You’re only going to work one direction in the beginning. To make the turns, you will pull lightly on the inside rein (the left rein, in this case) and then lay the outside rein (the right rein, in this case) against the right side of the horse’s neck at the same time. Once the horse completes the turn, take…

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