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Rider Psychology

Four Smart Ways to Fit Horses into Your Busy Schedule

If you can learn how to estimate your time well, prioritize, say no and stop procrastinating, you can find more ways to fit horses into your busy life.

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By: Megan Pinfield |

For most riders, the barn is like a second home, and between the two places there are a lot of chores that need to get done in a day! If you learn to do the following four things you can balance horses and a busy lifestyle: 1. Learn to estimate time accurately. There are 168 hours in a week and of those, we spend about 56 sleeping and 40 working. That leaves approximately 96 hours of time to fill. Most people typically over- or underestimate how much time they actually spend doing things. And because of this, they don’t adequately plan and end up with periods where they’re simply killing time, or find they run out of time to finish things they’ve started. Solution: Keep a tracking sheet of your daily routine for one week and see how long it actually takes you to do each task. (How long to…

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