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Canadian Lesley Grant-Law on Balancing her Eventful Life

Canadian eventer Lesley Grant-Law on unrealized dreams and unexpected changes of plan, and how she manages to balance riding and family life.

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By: Lesley Grant-Law |

To my 20-year-old self, I am a complete and utter failure – a disappointment of the highest degree. She was convinced that her future lay riddled with golden hair and tanned skin upon a string of sleek show horses all routed for Badminton and the Olympics and perhaps the more common ones to local four-stars. Olympic medals would be strewn about her house in Martha Stewart-esque shadow boxes and she would drive to the events in an ink-blue BMW. My 40-year-old self does have blonde hair, and to be fair, such tanned skin that I’m trying to find time to book myself in for a chem peel, but I’m afraid that’s where the comparison ends. I do have the shadow boxes full of medals at home (but sadly they are not my own) and I drive a black Mazda to the events. But in my own defense, I would like…

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