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Rider Health

Stretch & Destress With Yoga Poses for Equestrians

Many horseback riders are looking for ways to stretch, strengthen and destress. Try these yoga poses for equestrians, which target riders’ problem areas.

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By: Ashley Ward-Williams |

As a result of the demands put on their bodies and minds due to the rigours of the sport (not to mention the thrills and spills), many equestrians seek ways to stretch, strengthen and destress at the gym, in a pilates class, or at a yoga studio. We spoke with Ashley Ward-Williams, RYT, a co-founder of Country Zen Yoga which has been operating in Schomberg, Ontario, for over seven years, about some specific exercises that target rider problem areas. Ashley, a rider and former ‘A’ circuit competitor herself, says of her clientele, “I would estimate that about thirty per cent or even more are riders. They come for not just stretching, but all-around fitness. Probably some stress relief, too. There are a lot of benefits to yoga.” Plank Pose Good for: One of the best all-around poses for core strength. Technique: Hug in your abs and keep your body straight…

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