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Erynn Ballard’s Winning Work Ethic in the Horse Industry

A look at how Erynn Ballard manages to balance her career as a top show jumper, while serving as an owner and manager at Looking Back Farm.

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By: Rita Mingo |

It wasn’t a certainty that Erynn Ballard would spend her whole life around horses – yet it was a pretty good bet. “Gosh, it’s so long ago I hardly remember,” sighed the 38-year-old Canadian rider, recalling the early path that led to her career as an elite show jumper. “It was a family business, my parents’ business. I had a pet pony before I started competing. My first year at the Royal I think was ’87. It turned into my business and now it basically consumes my entire life.” However, she was quick to add, “There was never any pressure to do it. I have a sister that has nothing to do with horses. I didn’t have to do this, but there was never a day in my life that I didn’t want to.” Of late, Erynn has experienced an ascension in the FEI rider rankings and currently sits 81st…

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