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A Canadian Learns the Meaning of Being a Horsewoman in the UK

Horse Sport’s fashionista Stefania Evans gives us a glimpse of what it’s like for a Canadian horsewoman entrenched in the British lifestyle.

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By: Stefania Evans |

So here’s the thing. In North America, I believed I was an experienced horsewoman. I really did. I definitely didn’t think I knew it all, of course. I’m not insane, and any equestrian not completely out to lunch knows that a life with horses is a life of constant learning. That said, I’m woe to report that I was, unfortunately, labouring under the gross misconception that I had some sort of clue. Spoiler alert: I did not. I’d worked with hundreds of hunters, jumpers, and eq mounts over the years, both my own and those belonging to clients when I was grooming and stable managing professionally. I’d come to love the differences in personalities, learning to manage each horse’s needs to produce the best performances possible while keeping each mount happy and healthy. I learned how to keep a multitude of different levels and abilities fit, schooled, and prepared for…

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