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Horse Stretches for Cool Downs & Improved Recovery

Get more out of your cool down routine and kickstart recovery by including these stretches as part of your horse’s daily workout regimen.

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By: Sheri Spencer, C.E.M.T., P.T.S. |

Gentle stretches feel good, are easy to do, and anyone can (and should!) do them with their horse after training. As part of a regular routine, stretches will become familiar and can achieve improved recovery, increased range of motion, and important bonding with your horse. Through repetitive contraction during training, the muscle length becomes incrementally shorter and can contribute to aching, tense muscles. By elongating the muscle fibres through stretching, it helps restore them to their full length, releases tension, and can improve the overall range of motion. Stretching refreshes blood flow, improving the circulation of nutrients and removal of waste byproducts to catalyze recovery. Since it can be harmful to stretch a cold muscle, stretching immediately after training is most advantageous. The muscles are already warmed up and your horse is most likely to genuinely feel good while reaping the benefits. Always be mindful of your own safety, watching…

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