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Winning Dressage Warm-Ups with Tina & Jaimey Irwin

Jaimey and Tina Irwin are two of Canada’s top dressage riders and trainers. In the first of two articles, they explain their approach to dressage warm-ups.

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By: Alison King |

Now based at Stoney Lake Equestrian near Toronto, Jaimey and Tina Irwin trained in Germany and have devoted themselves to the German classical dressage system. For more than 15 years they trained with Holger Muenstermann, who has worked with some of the world’s best, and their training philosophy is based on his teachings. They believe every rider at every level can and should be using a consistent, systematic approach, whether schooling at home or riding at competitions. “We have three phases in our training system,” explains Tina. “The first phase is the warm-up. The second phase is the working phase, and the third phase is the cool-down. The warm-up and cool-down are crucial for the longevity of your horse’s career and also their mental well-being. Warming up correctly not only allows the horse and rider to warm up their bodies to prepare for the full workout, but it also gives…

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