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Rider Exercises for Increasing Leg Strength

Try these exercises to increase your leg strength and correct the dreaded “chair seat” posture, a common issue for many horseback riders.

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By: Alison Barr |

A“chair seat” is a common issue for many riders. It presents as a rider whose legs are too far forward, with stirrups that are too short. A chair seat position can push your bottom to the back of the saddle and make it easy to lose your stirrups. These faults make you less stable in the saddle and less effective with your aids. From my perspective as a physiotherapist, it makes sense that many riders would struggle with a chair seat. Our modern lifestyle includes a lot of sitting, whether at desks, in cars or on couches. When we get on our horses, it can be hard not to adopt that same sitting position. Stretching exercises performed off your horse can help ease tension in the front of your hips. This allows your lower leg to relax down and around your horse’s side, correcting the chair seat and related faults.…

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