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Rider Health

Maintaining Fitness in the Off-Season

Stay fit and flexible with these winter workouts for horseback riders, so that you’re ready to get back in action in the show ring next season.

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By: Jamie Camp |

It’s getting cold outside! As the show season wanes, those of us who don’t spend the winter in a warmer climate might be less inclined to ride as often, but it’s important to maintain our riding fitness in the off-season. Following are two days of workouts meant to target endurance, dynamic core stability, mobility, and strength in a few key muscles: adductors (the inner thigh muscles that keep you glued to your horse’s barrel), lats (important back muscles that helps us sit tall and connect our glutes to our shoulders through the thoraco-lumbar fascia), and glutes and hamstrings (the posterior chain that controls flexion at our hips). These exercises can be done on any days you don’t ride. DAY 1 Warmup To achieve pelvic mobility in three dimensions, this regimen is something everyone should explore every day to maintain full body range of motion and increase your ability to adapt…

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