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Tack Theft Prevention

Horseback riders invest a lot of money in tack over the years, and they should keep it safe with these high-tech (and not so high-tech) ideas.

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You have invested a lot of money in tack over the years, so keep it safe with these high-tech (and not so high-tech) ideas. Lights, Cameras, Action! Automatic motion detection lights around the property will highlight intruders and are often a deterrent in themselves. Install surveillance cameras at building entry points and important areas in the barn such as the tack room. ($20-$300) High-definition cameras with night-vision and recording capabilities can provide valuable information if a crime occurs. Integrate the system with motion-detection sensors that trigger an alarm and activate a video recorder. Make cameras obvious so criminals know they are under surveillance. Some systems come with a remote-dialer that calls or texts you automatically if triggered. ($45-$2000+) Lock ‘Er Up Install a lock on the tack room door; ideally one with pin pad access, especially if there are numerous boarders accessing the room frequently. ($65-$500) For private stables, the…

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