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Feeding Myths Exposed

Equine nutritionist Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D. explores the truths and misconceptions behind some common beliefs around feeding horses.

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By: Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D. |

A myth is defined as a widely held, but false, belief. In this Horse Sport article, equine nutritionist Dr. Shannon Pratt-Phillips dispels five of the top horse feeding myths, which have been circulating horse barns around the world for years. The first myth is that a feed concentrate (grain mix) is the most important part of a horse’s diet. Second, is that feeding grain a few times a week will ensure a horse’s nutrient requirements are being met. The third mistruth is that low-carb diets are a good thing for horses. Fourth is that an athletic horse should be on a high-protein diet. The fifth myth is that alfalfa hay is too rich for horses. If you’ve heard, or believe these myths yourself, let Dr. Pratt-Phillips change your mind with science-backed facts and years of experience tailoring diets for all types of horses. Education is the key to raising, and…

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