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5 Coaching Tools for Peak Rider Performance

Coaching tools can help a rider to identify problems and make decisions, both during the course of lessons and in high-pressure competition situations.

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By: Sonja Seyfort |

The Coaching Association of Canada’s own National Coaching Certificate Program (NCCP) has been recognized as world leaders in coach education, providing coaches from 65 different sports access to over 850 workshops, giving them the ability to successfully develop athletes from the beginner level to high performance. Coaching tools are well-researched training techniques used to develop sport-specific skills. The five coaching tools outlined in this article will strengthen a rider’s ability to make decisions and problem-solve under competition pressure similar to their counterparts – from competitive rowers and gymnasts to tennis players. Coaching Tool #1: Feedback Coaches are constantly giving riders feedback about what to do, how to do it, why to do it, and what to do better. Evidence has shown that understanding and incorporating different feedback strategies into lesson plans will expand how well a rider learns and retains information. The terminology includes: Feedback: information a rider receives before,…

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