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Exercises to Correct a Crooked Seat

Riders are often struggling to correct these secondary problems when the root causes of asymmetry are in the hips. Keep reading to find out more.

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By: Alison Barr |

I believe the hips are the most important area of the body for riders to work on. A level pelvis that moves with your horse is the basis for a symmetrical riding position and a deep seat. Your hip muscles act on your pelvis and can either help or hinder this process. Asymmetry in the pelvis can make you crooked anywhere from your hands to your feet. I often see riders struggling to correct these secondary problems when the root causes are in the hips. Correcting your hips first can save you from creating excessive tension anywhere in your body. Asymmetry through the hips is both extremely common, and often pain-free. We rarely feel tension or imbalance in these big muscles, leading riders to be crooked, yet comfortable. This often one of the root causes to soreness elsewhere, like the knees or lower back. How can you identify that your hip muscles…

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