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Cora and Max: A Love Story on Many Levels

Cora Spencer is learning how to take on life’s challenges with the help of her trusted therapy horse, Max.

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By: Nicole Kitchener |

Andy Spencer says every day is a happy day for his daughter with special needs, 10-year-old Cora, a rider at Guelph, Ontario’s Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre. Instructor Tiffany Mast describes Cora Spencer as “fun, outgoing and energetic,” while the facility’s managing director Lynne O’Brien calls the young equestrian “friendly and bubbly.” With Cora’s positive outlook and successes despite a rough start in life and many ongoing challenges, it’s no wonder she was chosen to be featured in an episode of Collar of Duty, a 12-part documentary series on Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet Canada. The show is “about how animals can improve the quality of life for people who have unique needs,” explained Laura Lillie, owner of Summerhill Media, the Toronto-based independent production company that created the series. At the heart of Cora’s segment, which premiered February 10, 2017, is her relationship with her pal Max, the big but…

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