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Protecting yourself and your interests during horse transactions.

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By: Catherine E. Willson |

We rarely buy or sell a horse without the assistance of a “horse professional.” This person is usually an experienced instructor or trainer; often the professional running the stable from which we or our children ride. Using their contacts, the horse professional can often locate a good horse and determine whether that horse is a good fit for the prospective buyer. Many people also hire a horse professional to help them sell their horse. But how accountable is that person to you? Legally, an agent is someone employed by a person to negotiate a deal with a third party; the person who employs the agent is called the principal. The agent negotiates on the principal’s behalf. In general, contracts are negotiated between the agent and a third party. In some cases, an agent may even sign contracts on behalf of the principal. However, once the contract comes into existence, the…

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