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Calming Products: The Kinder Alternative?

There are good reasons for trying to reduce equine stress levels. In this article, learn which products are available to do so.

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By: Antonia Henderson, PhD |

If I were an equine wish-granting genie working for all the top training barns, veterinary clinics, and farriers, I am guessing that the #1 wish would be for an easy-to-administer, palatable, non-testable supplement that makes horses have less stress, be calm and focused. With the discovery of alpha-casozepine, a naturally-occurring milk peptide and the active ingredient in the product Zylkene, this wish may well be within reach. There are good reasons for trying to reduce equine stress levels. Stressed horses are a danger to themselves and to the people working around them. They are at increased risk of developing gastric ulcers. Stressed breeding stock may experience fertility and breeding performance issues. Stressed rehabbing horses are less likely to have a successful rehabilitation. It can ultimately cost them their lives if horses are euthanized because of stress-related behavioural problems. Since it is unlikely that we will be sending our show horses…

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