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5 Steps to Building a Positive Partnership

Anne Gage outlines five steps for establishing a positive partnership with your horse.

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By: Anne Gage |

Recently, the 'alpha theory,’ where the human is dominant ('alpha') and the horse is submissive, has become the accepted way to establish relationships with horses. While this type of relationship can make the horse easier to work with, it does little to build true trust. Feral herds (and well-established domestic herds) have leaders and followers, with minimal challenging for position, which creates security and safety for the entire group. By providing this same sense of quiet leadership for your horse, you create a positive partnership based on mutual trust and respect. A positive partnership means that you have: • your horse's mental and physical well-being as the highest priority • two-way communication and interpret your horse's behaviour as feedback rather than labelling as 'good' or 'bad’ • empathy for your horse's perspective of the world as a herd, prey animal and respect his instinctive reactions You give your horse what…

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