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How Can I Get My Horse to Stand Still for Mounting?

Trainer Anne Gage offers advice on teaching your horse to stand still for mounting.

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By: Anne Gage |

Horses move when being mounted either because they are unbalanced, in pain or being ridden has not been a good experience for them. As with most behavioural problems, check that all your tack fits your horse properly, that his teeth are healthy and he has no areas of pain in his body. Then follow these steps: 1. Use a mounting block. Mounting from the ground torques the saddle and makes it more difficult for your horse to balance while you mount. 2. Teach your horse to stand square so that he is balanced and won’t need to shift his weight as you mount. 3. If your horse steps sideways or turns towards you, create a boundary on the opposite side by placing your mounting block close to a fence or wall or place poles on the ground to create a chute. 4. Ask him to bend around you by stroking…

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