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Horse Farms vs. Urban Sprawl

Lawyer Catherine E. Willson examines the disturbing trend of residents in new housing developments in the country complaining about the "nui

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By: Catherine E. Willson |

As the city creeps up on the country, complaints about horse poop, noise, and other ‘nuisances’ can threaten the stable owner. As urban sprawl encroaches on the country life, we are faced with the unfortunate sight of lookalike subdivisions springing up in farmers’ fields. The people moving into these homes may have patted the occasional police horse, but know little of the smells, sounds, and other wonders of the barn. Odours we have come to know and love curl the nose of even the most hardened city dweller, and it is inevitable that more lawsuits will crowd our courts in the name of nuisance. The Definition of “Nuisance” A nuisance is created when a person repeatedly allows the escape of noxious things onto someone else’s property. Smells, sounds, insects, animals, and many other things can be nuisances if their presence interferes with the reasonable use or enjoyment of another’s property.…

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