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Six-Decade Labour of Love

Maple Grove Stock Farm, a true family operation born 67 years ago with the purchase of a single mare, celebrates one of its best years in t

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By: Dave Briggs |

When Ed Dittloff was a boy, nothing could match the splendor of seeing someone getting a delivery from Eaton’s big department store. “They had a team of beautiful bay fillies and I just loved to see them come down our road delivering supplies,” Dittloff said. “My mother, whenever she wanted me, all she’d have to do is look up the street one way or the other. If there was a horse, there I was.” So began a life-long love affair with horses the 88-year-old patriarch of Maple Grove Stock Farm in Grindrod, in the BC interior, wouldn’t change for anything in the world. Sixty-seven years after Dittloff opened it, Maple Grove Stock Farm, the operation he runs with his wife, Gladys, and their daughter, Karen Dittloff, is celebrating one of its most successful years in the business. It all culminated with four awards at the BC Thoroughbred Industry Awards on…

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