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The Elusive Distance with Hyde Moffatt

Can’t ‘see’ a take-off spot or distance if your life depended on it? Perhaps you’re looking too hard, or need to work on the basics.

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By: Jessica Lefroy |

I don't teach people to find the distance, or even to look for the distance. I teach a system that will consistently yield a good jump. Some people are certainly gifted in the respect that they always know how far away from the jump they are, but there are reasons you see a distance, and the key is to make those reasons happen consistently. I don't even like to use the word 'distance,' because it is so ingrained and associated with 'looking' and 'finding.' It's much easier to just teach people to develop the underlying structure that needs to be applied to each ride. We are not trying to find the 'takeoff spot' on the ground; we are trying to get the best possible jump we can from the horse, regardless of the distance from the jump that they leave the ground. Each individual horse is going achieve their best…

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