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Trailer Loading Simplified with Josh Nichol

Trainer and clinician Josh Nichol explains why horses often react negatively to trailers and provides key exercises that will help you and y

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By: Chantal Marleau |

At some point, you have probably experienced one of the moments all equestrians fear most: that day when truck and trailer are packed and ready but the one thing missing for the adventure is your horse. You’ve probably been engaged in a mental battle that either took hours to resolve or saw you finally surrender and never reach your destination. Worse yet, you may have found yourselves miles from home and unable to return. The idea that horses, prey animals who need to monitor their surroundings for survival, would willingly consent to being locked into a dark, moving cave is improbable at best. Confinement in a trailer is apt to set off every evolutionary alarm in your horse’s mind and body. It really does not matter how comfortable or fancy your rig is. Horses do not enjoy low roofs over their heads. Balancing through turns and enduring the noise of…

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