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Setting Priorities: An Interview with Eva Havaris, Equine Canada’s new CEO

Eva Havaris was hired in June 2014 as Equine Canada’s new CEO, six months after her predecessor, Jean-Christophe Gandubert, was terminated

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By: Karen Robinson |

No stranger to high performance sport, Havaris has a long history in high performance soccer, and more recently taekwondo, as the CEO of Taekwondo Canada. Havaris is still feeling her way around the complexities of Equine Canada and the Canadian equestrian community, but she has already identified challenges and defined priorities and goals for the organization she now leads. Your background is in high performance sport, so clearly you bring some very relevant skills to your job at EC. What experience from your past sport and work experience do you feel are most useful to your position at EC? I think the fact that I have background in coaching is really helping right now. For one, as a coach you have to lead, and be prepared to be held accountable. You also have to stand up for your team and hold others accountable. Coaching, for me, is about effective communication…

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