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Technique or Torture? Riding without stirrups, with Jenn Serek

Riding without stirrups is one exercise that will significantly improve your riding ability. Avoided by many due to its tendency to make eve

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By: Jessica Lefroy |

Riding without stirrups improves the very framework of good riding by strengthening and stabilizing the leg. Here, Jenn Serek explains the importance of incorporating riding without stirrups into every schooling session. "The lower leg is the base of the rider and the foundation of riding; if that isn't solid, your position just isn't going to work. I always like to think of starting position improvements from the bottom up, and if the foundation of the house isn't properly built, the house isn't going to stay up. Riding without stirrups does more than any exercise to develop a secure lower leg position. I like to introduce riding without stirrups before riders can canter. I love to put riders on the lunge line and take away both stirrups and reins, as it really helps to develop that stability. When riders are more advanced, I try to encourage them to incorporate no stirrups…

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