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Hoof Care

Pro-Active Hoofcare for Racing Thoroughbreds

In this article Fran Jurga shares 15 pro-active tips to get the horses in your care to put their best feet forward on race day.

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By: Fran Jurga |

In this Canadian Thoroughbred article, expert Fran Jurga shares 15 pro-active hoof care tips to keep your racehorse’s feet in optimal condition and race ready. Thoroughbreds are known for having thin hoof walls and soles, which makes them vulnerable to frequent cracking, abscesses, bruises and slow growth. Jurga says that every hoof has a story to tell, and trainers who learn to listen can prevent weak or diseased hooves from compromising their horses’ ability to train and race. She says that excellent hoof care starts with having a good team in place, from experienced veterinarians and farriers to educated stable staff, who can be on the lookout for signs of trouble. It’s also important to keep tabs on each horse’s history, and be aware that individual horses have individual hoof care needs. Further, it helps to have some understanding of how a horse’s conformation and diet can influence hoof structure…

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