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Show Me the Money: The lure and perils of the year-round show circuit

The North American phenomenon that is the year-round show circuit has far-reaching effects on those involved in the industry.

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By: Jessica Lefroy |

Riders, horses, trainers, owners, and sponsors all seem to have reached a near-constant state of horse show attendance - if not actually competing, then packing up or tearing down from one. It is a far cry from the show circuit schedules of the past, when horses were given downtime in the winter months following the fall indoor circuit, and riders were allowed time to develop their young string at home or shop for prospects abroad in the off months. What are the lasting effects of this intense competition schedule on the development and longevity of our upcoming and established team members? Canadian Show Jumping Team chef d'équipe Mark Laskin and Olympian Tiffany Foster weigh in on the fact that while show management is partly to blame, the burden lies with riders to be horsemen first. The geographic gap Show circuits at Spruce Meadows, WEF, HITS, Kentucky Horse Park, Thunderbird Show…

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