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Faces At The Races: Elizabeth Stolzenberg

"There is nothing in my life that I've been successful at in my first attempt. I've had to work hard at everything I do. I've made mistakes,

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By: Paddy Head |

Her present dilemma is her recent $12,500 claim. The plan was to run the horse back for $17,500 but that category was eliminated due to lack of entries. She had to run the horse for $7,500. They won but lost the horse. How did the owner feel about that? “My owners have to believe in me and be able to sit down and discuss options. I can't train with my hands tied behind my back,” said the trainer. Stolzenberg is on a roll at Hastings Park these days, the single mother of two has a win percentage of 41%, easily the best of any trainer at the meeting with at least 10 runners. Born in Ottawa, Stolzenberg, 40, was raised in White Rock, B.C.. As a child, she loved horses but was petrified of them. Her first mount was a Shetland pony belonging to her older sister, Diana. Stolzenberg went…

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