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2011 Prince of Wales Stakes: PENDING PRINCE

Pender Harbour wins a squeaker at Fort Erie, taking the second jewel of Canada's Triple Crown, the Prince of Wales Stakes.

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By: Jennifer Morrison |

It was four days after the 76th Prince of Wales Stakes, the second jewel in Canada's Triple Crown, and Bob Giffin's phone was still humming. “I just got another call from a friend of mine congratulating us, it's been happening quite a bit believe it or not,” said Giffin. Actually it is quite easy to believe that Giffin and his wife Roberta, who live in Edmonton, Alberta, are getting a lot of attention for the victory by Pender Harbour in the $500,000 Prince of Wales at Fort Erie, a gelding they own with friends Denny Andrews and Sandra Lazaruk. The Giffins have been in thoroughbred ownership for more than 20 years, have had some success here and there and are considered two of the nicest people you will meet in the business. The Prince of Wales win, which came on a sweltering hot July 17 at the border oval, was…

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