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Feeding Young Horses

Find out how to feed young horses that are about to enter into work.

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By: Shannon Pratt-Phillips, PhD. |

Q - I have a young horse I'm looking to start into work. What should I be feeding him? A - By the time you're starting to get your youngster into work, the majority of his growth should be behind him. That said, he is likely still growing and, therefore, his nutrient requirements are going to reflect those needed for both growth and exercise. The National Research Council's Nutrient Requirements of Horses (2007) recommends that horses 24 months of age be fed to reflect both of these needs. Once a horse reaches three years of age, while he may still be growing, these nutrient needs are not outlined specifically. The NRC uses daily rate of gain in its equations for calculating the nutrient requirements of growing horses, and by three years of age and older, the rate of gain is so small (about 0.2 kg/day decreasing to 0.01kg/day until maturity),…

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