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Then and now… Windfields Farm

In its glory days, Windfields Farm in Oshawa, Ontario, was rich with some of the bluest blooded thoroughbreds in the world.

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By: Jennifer Morrison |

The farm, Windfields Farm, that E.P. Taylor built in the 1960s was once 1,500 acres of horse heaven. It is where the great Northern Dancer was born. Today, much of the property is now is being dug up by developers while the rest lies dormant, tended to occasionally by staff of Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), co-owners of the land along with various home builders. In the past year, the state of the property has been of major concern to racing fans, horse lovers, historians and interested residents. Some of the old houses, barns and dorms are beginning to crumble around the grave of the Dancer himself. These concerned people have set up websites and social networking pages, attended town hall meetings and sent letters to city officials in an effort to ensure the preservation of the farm, in particular the gravesites. The fate…

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