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Mother and Mentor

When Hawley Bennett-Awad stood on the podium in Kentucky last October, enjoying the glory of a World Championship silver medal with her team

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By: Karen Robinson |

Her mother, Gerry Bennett, and coach, Pam Arthur, are inseparable from every one of Hawley's achievements, including a long and fruitful career with her 2004 Olympic partner, Livingstone (Hank). “I wouldn't be here without Hank, and the reason I had him was because of my mom and Pam,” says Hawley. “It's why I have the ride on other horses, have my business and am married to an amazing person (Gamal Awad).” Until the age of 16, Hawley had only one riding instructor at home in Langley, BC, and that was her mother. Although she had evented only once, Gerry had competed on show jumpers for many years and had plenty to teach her daughter when it came to riding and horsemanship. “My mom taught me everything I knew…until I got to that age when I decided I knew everything!” remembers Hawley. At that point, Gerry realized her daughter wasn’t going…

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