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Canadian Sisters Take Cross-Country Horseback Adventure

Sisters Katie and Jewel Keca embarked on part two of their cross-Canada horseback ride in support of the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.


What Does the Future Hold for the Sport of Eventing?

Horse Sport looks at the important issues facing the equestrian discipline of eventing, and what the sport might look like going forward.

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Canadian Lesley Grant-Law on Balancing her Eventful Life

Canadian eventer Lesley Grant-Law on unrealized dreams and unexpected changes of plan, and how she manages to balance riding and family life.


How to Become a Professional Groom in the Horse Industry

Equestrian grooms Denise Moriarty and Meghan Button share behind the scenes advice on how to begin the journey to becoming a professional groom.


Brighten Your Indoor Arena Riding Experience, Naturally

WeCover Structures Inc. makes custom-designed and built indoor riding arenas, with their innovative free-span fabric-panel and steel-truss roof system.

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Erynn Ballard on the State of Equestrian Coaching in Canada

Canadian equestrian Erynn Ballard shares her take on the state of coaching in Canada, and offers suggestions for how to improve the industry.

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Will There Be a Breeders’ Cup for Escape Clause?

The Manitoba-bred mare Escape Clause, the 2018 Sovereign Award winning Champion Older Mare, has her sights set on a Breeders’ Cup win.

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Ontario Racing Protects Interests of Thoroughbred Breeders

John Hayes, chair of Ontario Racing, says OR wants to work with the CTHS and thoroughbred breeders for the betterment of the industry.


Century Mile Brings Stability to Alberta Horse Racing Scene

In April, Century Mile opened its doors to reveal a new one-mile racetrack and casino, bringing stability to Alberta’s horse racing industry.

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10 Amazing Facts About Equine Smell

Here are 10 amazing facts about the equine sense of smell, which, though not as impressive as dogs’, is still way better than humans’.