Two-Point for Better Strength & Balance

Working the two-point position is great conditioning for riders. It helps stretch your heels down and helps strengthen your leg muscles.

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By: Jessica Lefroy |

Working in the two-point position can help you achieve better balance and strength in flat work and over fences. In this Horse Sport article, two-time Olympian Tiffany Foster explains the proper technique to help you master this essential basic skill.

The correct two-point position has your legs in contact with the saddle, your seat elevated, and a straight alignment of your shoulders, knees and toes. Hands should be off the horse’s neck and held in front of you. Practicing the two-point is great for rider conditioning, but also benefits tight-backed horses.

North American jumper riders generally stay in a two-point between obstacles, while Germans often use a full seat. These days, it mainly comes down to rider preference, though some horses prefer the more forward ride of the two-point. The most common error Foster sees in the two-point is riders balancing with their hands on the horse’s neck or mouth.

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