The Wrong Rig for the Long Haul?

Choosing the correct tow vehicle for your trailer is vital to the safety of both horses and handlers. But how do SUVs stack up against pickup trucks?

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By: Carley Sparks |

Pulling a horse trailer using an SUV instead of a truck is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many horse owners. But is it the safest option?

This Horse Sport article looks at the differences between SUVs and trucks when it comes to design and manufacturing, towing capacity, chassis style in terms of leveling the load, suspension for a smooth ride and, of course, stopping power.

Experts reveal the best makes/models of SUVs for the job of hauling a horse trailer, and offer insights into the safest way to haul a horse trailer with an SUV, but they say that, ideally, people should use a truck, which is built to pull.

Horses are extremely precious cargo, so you should put time into selecting the right tow vehicle for the job – whether you are doing the trailering yourself, borrowing a rig or hitching a ride with a friend. Always put your horse’s well-being first.

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