Stem Cell Therapy Takes Recovery into the Future

Stem cells and stem cell therapy for the treatment of soft tissue injuries in racehorses has made a lot of ground – from experimental to a proven treatment.

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By: Jennifer Morrison |

Very often, soft tissue injuries can be career-ending for racehorses. Over the last decade, however, with the evolution of stem cell therapy as a treatment option, more horses are beating the odds and recovering.

This Canadian Thoroughbred article looks at an early success story in the case of Dream Alliance, the subject of the 2016 award-winning documentary Dark Horse. Dream Alliance, a Welsh steeplechaser, came back in winning form to take the Welsh Grand National in 2009, after receiving a relatively new procedure that injects stem cells into the injury to rejuvenate tissue.

Today, stem cell therapy has advanced beyond experimental phase, with studies and procedures being conducted around the world to show that it is a proven treatment in the repair of tendon and ligament injuries in knees and stifles, allowing a horse to return to competition.
Find out more about stem cell therapy, how it works, and the current research being conducted right here in Canada at the Ontario Veterinary College, for example.

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