Pro Grooming Tips

Professional show horse groom Denielle Gallagher-LeGriffon shares her grooming routine, with handy tips and tricks to make your horse look his best.

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By: Mary McIntosh |

How well a horse is turned out says a lot about the professionalism of the rider and the stable. If you want to groom like the pros do, this Horse Sport article provides all the information to get you started.

Former groom Denielle Gallagher-LeGriffon is a veteran of turning out spit-and-polish horses at major competitions such as the Olympics, World Equestrian Games, and Spruce Meadows. She explains the tools of the trade – from the essentials in her grooming kit, how to keep horses clean between baths, tips for beautiful tails, brightening up white markings, advice for perfect braids, as well as her regular grooming routine and some other insider tips and tricks. For example, the best way to wash your brushes is in a mesh bag in the washing machine, and horses stay shiny longer in clean stalls wearing clean blankets.

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