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The Respiratory Anguish of Heaves

Learn how to identify, treat and manage this respiratory disease, and gain hope for a healthy future for sufferers thanks to new research efforts. ...

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Winter Care for “Delicate” Horses

Winter can be tough on senior horses and other hard keepers. Get tips on how to get them through comfortably....


Equine First Aid Kit Essentials

Our comprehensive first aid kit includes everything you could ever need for any kind of barn emergency....


Skin Tumours: Not Your Ordinary Bumps

Find out what to do when skin cancer strikes....


Link Between Blood Sucrose and Ulcers

Researchers are looking for a better way to diagnose ulcers in horses....

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Waging War on Worms

Learn about the increasing problem of drug-resistant parasites....

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Winter Horse Care Tips

It's time to start preparing for the winter season. Horses certainly have the natural ability to withstand cold temperatures, but when is it too cold for your horse?...

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8 Simple Stretches for Your Horse

Registered equine massage therapist, Marguerite Old, shares eight simple exercises for improved flexibility and strength....


New Tools for Assessing Lameness

Cutting-edge technology for pinpointing often elusive unsoundness...


At Issue: The EHV-1 Threat Part 2

What Canada must do to minimize the risk...

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