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Equine Asthma: How to Cope

Coping with the group of airway diseases now called Equine Asthma....


Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome

Learn about the fatal genetic disorder Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome....


Dressage Conformation

Have you ever noticed how rare it is to find a dressage horse that excels equally in the collected gaits and the extended gaits? Most are better at one than the other....


The Gentle Touch

Learn how to give your horse a really great back rub, from registered equine massage therapist, Lindsay Day....


Ask Us – Joint Supplements

A look at joint supplements...


Equine Osteoarthritis

Learn about the realities of the disease and what the future may hold for those who suffer from it...


The Healthy Horse Check List

Your horse doesn't really seem sick, maybe just a little dull or not as active as usual. Is there something wrong with him? ...


Does My Horse Have a Hernia?

Could that swelling on your horse’s belly be a hernia? Find out how to recognize and treat them....


Health Q&A: Maggots for Horse Wounds

Q: I have heard recently that maggots can help heal horse wounds. Is this true?...

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New Horizons in Equine Health: Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is the process of using the body's ability to heal itself by producing living tissues that repair or replace tissue or organ function. Although these biotechnologies are still in their infancy, they are advancing quickly in both...

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