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Ontario Racing Protects Interests of Thoroughbred Breeders

John Hayes, chair of Ontario Racing, says OR wants to work with the CTHS and thoroughbred breeders for the betterment of the industry.


Century Mile Brings Stability to Alberta Horse Racing Scene

In April, Century Mile opened its doors to reveal a new one-mile racetrack and casino, bringing stability to Alberta’s horse racing industry.


Sovereign Award Winning Horse of the Year: Wonder Gadot

Wonder Gadot, owned by Gary Barber, claimed the 2018 Horse of the Year Sovereign Award, and was named Champion Three-Year-Old Female.

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Starting Two-Year-Old Racehorses with Reade Baker

Trainer Reade Baker says the key to training two-year-old Thoroughbred racehorses is to be slow and cautious so you build a great foundation.


Herbs for Horses Products are Backed by Science

Canadian-owned Herbs for Horses makes a range of herbal, nutraceutical and nutritional equine products, backed by scientific research.

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10 Amazing Facts About Equine Smell

Here are 10 amazing facts about the equine sense of smell, which, though not as impressive as dogs’, is still way better than humans’.

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6 Warning Signs Your Horse Needs Dental Work

The equine mouth is a dark cavern of mystery. Luckily, there are some outward signs and symptoms that can help you spot when dental work is needed.

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Better Grazing: Steps to Saving Your Horse Pasture

Is your pasture in need of some TLC to make it a viable source of forage for your horses? Here is some advice on how to get the best from your grazing.

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How Do Horses Feel About Participating in Therapy?

Are horses that work in Equine Assisted Therapy experiencing stress or anxiety by working with traumatized humans? Study results may surprise you.

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The Horses are at the Heart of Heartland

The equine actors in the wildly successful Canadian TV drama Heartland are just as important as the human ones. Meet some of the show’s equine stars.