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The Nutritional Benefits of Seeds

The pros of adding seeds to your horse's diet....

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Horse owners should be aware that certain feed additives and contaminants can result in positive drug tests....


Feeding for Weight Gain

While many horse owners struggle to keep their easy keepers lean, others have the opposite problem: their horses need to gain weight. ...


“Glass Gut” to Study Equine GI Tract

To gain insight into the function of the equine gastrointestinal tract, researchers are developing a “glass gut” model....


Do I Need to Feed my Horse More in the Winter?

When horses digest forage it generates heat. Find out how much you need to feed to keep your horse warm. ...


Foal Weight: Is Thinner Better?

Average daily weight gain for a foal in the first 2-3 months can be as much as 1.4 kg (3 lbs) per day!...


Understanding Fatty Acids

Shannon Pratt-Phillips, PhD, explains the science of fats and their role in the equine diet....


Is There any Benefit to Feeding Oats?

Equine nutritionist, Shannon Pratt-Phillips, Ph.D., explains that of all the cereal grains, oats have the most appropriate nutritional profile for horses....

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Feeding Young Horses

Find out how to feed young horses that are about to enter into work....


Three Reasons to Feed Oils

Why to feed oils, plus how, which type and how much....

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