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4 Tips for Selecting Supplements

Learn how to choose a the right supplement for your horse's needs. ...


How do I Winterize My Horse?

Just because your horse might be enjoying a little 'down-time' in the winter months does not mean that you should be any less diligent regarding his care and management. Advance planning and a few simple precautions will ensure he stays healthy throu...


What is Strangles?

Learn how to recognize, treat and prevent this highly contagious respiratory disease. ...

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What is Laminitis?

Learn about the signs, causes and treatments of this common hoof condition....

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Rural Equine Vet Shortage

What can be done to ensure veterinary services to far-flung horse owners?...


Health Q&A: Tail rubbing

Q: My horse's tail is a frayed mess from rubbing - why is he doing that?...

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Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome

Learn about the fatal genetic disorder Warmblood Fragile Foal Syndrome....


Navicular Syndrome: Using New Technology to Unlock the Secrets of this Complex Lameness

Improved diagnostic techniques offer veterinarians a clearer view of this complex, debilitating disease. As a result, they will be able to provide more accurate prognoses, and develop better treatment and management plans for horse owners. ...


Oh, Poo!

Diarrhea happens...but when does it constitute an emergency situation?...


When the Foot Bone Breaks

Don’t shoot the horse! Dealing with a foot fracture is usually a waiting game rather than the death sentence it used to be....

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