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How to Shop Smart When Buying Used Saddles

Expert advice on buying used saddles – from pros and cons, to what to look for and what to avoid. Plus, how to make safe payment and shipping arrangements.

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Stride Control for Show Jumpers with Erynn Ballard

Canadian show jumper Erynn Ballard is a master at stride control, and making the time allowed while keeping all the fences up.

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Ilan Ferder: Professional Horse Trader & Matchmaker

Talented matchmaker Ilan Ferder has an approach to finding horses and pairing them with the right riders, which is both comprehensive and successful.

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Erynn Ballard’s Winning Work Ethic in the Horse Industry

A look at how Erynn Ballard manages to balance her career as a top show jumper, while serving as an owner and manager at Looking Back Farm.


What is Choke in Horses and How Can I Prevent It?

Choke in horses refers to an esophageal obstruction, which can be life-threatening if not treated right away. Learn how to prevent it.

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Erynn Ballard on the State of Equestrian Coaching in Canada

Canadian equestrian Erynn Ballard shares her take on the state of coaching in Canada, and offers suggestions for how to improve the industry.

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Will There Be a Breeders’ Cup for Escape Clause?

The Manitoba-bred mare Escape Clause, the 2018 Sovereign Award winning Champion Older Mare, has her sights set on a Breeders’ Cup win.

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Former Racehorse Ada Storm Finds New Thrills as a Barrel Racer

Ada Storm might not have been a star on the racetrack, but partnered with 13-year-old Mack Moore, he’s finding success as a barrel racer.

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Faces at the Races: Equine Surgeon Dr. Orlaith Cleary

Dr. Orlaith Cleary, an Irish-born equine surgeon, has travelled the world and landed at the Ontario Equine Hospital, working with racehorses at Woodbine.

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Queen’s Plate Hopeful Dun Drum Brings Connections Full Circle

Long-time friends and business associates, Joan Addison and Ian Black, have teamed up to aim the Thoroughbred colt Dun Drum for the Queen’s Plate.